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Take the Dread out of Long Distance Move

There’s no way around the fact that moving generates a lot of stress, and long distance moves have a reputation for being especially dreadful. While you may not be looking forward to the hassle of having to pack up all of your belongings, the truth is that you shouldn’t let a move get you down. As you get ready for your upcoming relocation, use these tips to cultivate a positive mindset that sets you up for success.

Take a Virtual Tour of Your New Neighborhood

Much of the dread that comes with moving is caused by fear of the unknown. For instance, you may worry about where you will go for emergency care if you get sick. Alternatively, you may be sad about giving up your favorite jogging path. Either way, a virtual tour of your new neighborhood gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the community. Grab your laptop and use your favorite satellite app to check out where you’ll be staying. As you virtually move through each street, look for places that you want to visit right away so that you already have an exciting itinerary to follow upon your arrival.

Start Forming Your New Social Network

You may also be dreading leaving your old friends behind and wondering if you will ever make new ones. Fortunately, putting together a new social group is easy when you use online resources such as your favorite social media platforms. If you are planning a move for a long distance job, then you can also reach out to people who are already living in the area. Once you connect, make plans to meet for drinks or lunch shortly after your arrival. Your excitement about the prospect of meeting new friends will make it easier to accept the upcoming transition.

Give Back to Your Community

Downsizing is often necessary for long distance moves even when you arrange for professional moving services to transport your belongings. While it may be hard to let go of your favorite things, it is possible to turn this into a positive experience. Right now, you probably have tons of stuff sitting in your house or apartment that you hardly ever use. Yet, each of these things is likely to be a treasure to someone in need. So, go on and pull out that old formal gown or tuxedo and give it to your local charity. Letting go of each item helps you get an accurate long distance moving estimate, and you’ll feel good knowing that someone is able to use all of your old stuff.

Put Together Your Moving Survival Crew

A long distance move is impossible to accomplish on your own, and having a team of people to provide support in place reduces the stress. Start by asking your friends and family members to help you with tasks such as sorting through your belongings and filling out those change of residence forms. Then, make arrangements for a long distance moving truck to pick up your belongings on moving day. Knowing that you have professional drivers ready to handle the big truck alleviates any dread you may feel about trying to maneuver a moving vehicle on the highway.

Get Organized to Pack

Packing is another dreaded moving task that is easier when you know what to do. First, consider your need for professional packing assistance. Professional movers are adept at moving fragile or valuable items without causing damage. If you choose to pack your own boxes, then make sure to get all of your supplies together beforehand. Pick up an assortment of boxes, some packing tape and markers, and put them all together in a central location of your house. To make packing extra fun, consider using colored tape and markers that add a decorative touch to an otherwise mundane chore.

Plan an Exciting Road Trip Adventure

If possible, plan to head out for your move with enough time to enjoy a few stops along the way. Since the professional movers will be carrying the bulk of the load in their truck, you’ll be free to plan little adventures along your route. Having some unique experiences planned makes your move feel more like an adventure and less like work.

Make Sure You Can Stay Connected

In today’s world, life moves so fast that you can’t lose time by being disconnected from the internet. Avoid missing out on that awesome job opportunity or looking like you are ignoring all your friends by taking a few extra precautions to make sure that you have access to your electronics. While you might send your desk computer on the truck with the local movers, consider packing your laptop and other favorite devices into your personal bags. As you do, make sure to also include external power sources and search out places that offer free Wi-Fi so that you are always ready to keep everyone posted on your whereabouts.

Check Out All the New Restaurants You Want to Try

Moving to a new state or city gives you a chance to expand your palette. Whether you love hibachi or need to find a place that supports your vegetarian lifestyle, now is the time to dine out. Plus, eating out at a few new restaurants during your first few days at your new house gives you time to set up your kitchen without stressing over the dishes.

Long distance moves don’t have to be dreadful, especially when you are prepared to handle any situation that comes your way. When it’s time for you to make a big move, reach out to our professionals who provide streamlined long distance moving services that let you relax and enjoy the ride.