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Apartment and Condo Movers

Moving to or from a rental property can be much different than your average home move. To start, staircases and security deposits normally dont go together well when moving that big couch through tight corners. Fortunately, Four Guys and a Truck™ has the experience and training to ensure that your rental property will not be damaged in any way. That way you can get your security deposit back without damaging walls or your belongings.

Our apartment & condo moving services include:

  • Loading & unloading of pods
  • Packing boxes
  • Moving & packing of furniture
  • Packing & unpacking
  • Wrapping fragile belongings
  • Maneuvering through staircases/elevators safely and without damaging the property
  • Knowledge of apartment/condo rules and regulations

Most apartment complexes have strict rules and regulations to follow when moving in or out of the property. Our team of movers is always prepared to follow these regulations and ensure the move is done promptly and professionally.


  1. Notify your landlord of the move: This will allow you to get ahead of any rules or regulations.
  2. Get rid of unnecessary items: You may not know it, but there are a lot of things you will probably toss out during the move. Go through your belongings and see what you can donate or get rid of before the move happens to save space.
  3. Take photos of your apartment: Document the conditions of your old apartment to ensure you get your safety deposit back and not get hit with bills for someone elses damages. Also, document your new apartment so you can report any damages that were there before you moved in.
  4. Research parking: Many condos and apartment complexes have tricky parking situations, especially when looking to park a big moving truck. Get ahead and research parking availability ahead of time so you arent scrambling the day of.

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