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Furniture Moving and Rearranging Services

Furniture is one of the trickiest parts of any move whether that is across town or just from one floor in your house to another. Getting that huge couch up and down winding staircases can be a tough task for anyone, except for the movers at Four Guys And A Truck™. With the experience and training to back it up, our movers can handle any piece of furniture safely, with the care of your belongings and home in mind.

Our professional movers can help you move furniture in your business or your home. Whether you are looking to rearrange things in a room, stage rooms, move items out of the way for renovations, or move things from one floor to another, we will work with you and take the time to arrange your furniture exactly how you want it. Our moving team knows how to navigate those tight corners, tricky staircases, and small rooms.

Our furniture moving services include:

  • Moving items from one room of your home to another
  • Moving & packing of furniture for your move
  • Loading & unloading of furniture
  • Wrapping fragile belongings

Need help moving your furniture? Instead of moving that huge couch and giant dining room table on your own, contact the team at Four Guys and a Truck™ to help lighten the load!

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