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On to Greener Pastures: A Handy Checklist for Packing Up and Leaving Your Old Home

When it finally comes time to pack up and move to your beautiful new home out of state, you’ll want to go over a basic checklist so that everything is completely taken care of before your moving truck hits the highway. Here we provide some handy tips and tricks for getting ready to move your valuable possessions across state lines to your new abode.

Pack Your Vital Records Carefully

Packing up passports, social security cards, birth certificates, and even medical records should be done carefully. You should generally make sure that these formal papers are safe and secure in a sturdy box before you set out on your journey. You might wish to keep this box with you in your personal vehicle so that you can keep track of it. If you’re going to be applying for a new driver’s license or doing other official business in your new state, you’ll need these various forms of identification to make sure you get off on the right foot. Some boxes have locking mechanisms that can be engaged whenever you want.

Inventory Your Current Home and Get Rid of Extra Items

In the months before you make the big move, you’ll want to take stock of your personal possessions. It is particularly important to take a look at the large furniture items that you’ll be taking with you. These items will take up the bulk of the space in the moving truck and will allow you to determine the size of the vehicle that will ultimately be needed. You can also use this opportunity to get rid of stuff that you no longer need. The following items make excellent donations to charity:

Couches and chairs
Blankets and quilts
Garage tools and equipment

The goal is to simply compact your possessions so that you can save just a little bit of room. Going lean and mean can sometimes make the move much easier to handle!

Evaluate Your By-Mail Subscriptions

Changing your mailing address is obviously a critical part of the process. You might choose to have your mail forwarded to your new location for a brief period after the move has been made, but you’ll ultimately want to contact the companies you receive mail from to change your billing addresses directly with them. This is especially important if you consider yourself an avid reader and subscribe to several different magazines. Being proactive about address changes will allow you to continue receiving National Geographic or Runner’s World without missing a beat. Create a checklist of billing addresses you’ll need to change and then spend an hour or two making calls.

Carefully Box Up Breakables

If you have family heirlooms or elegant glass vases in your home, you should commandeer some soft materials that will help you pack up these valuable items without any chance of them breaking. A pack of bubble wrap or several layers of newspaper should help with crystal vases, jewelry items, ceramic pots, and even luxurious light fixtures. In fact, moving these smaller breakable items sometimes requires more foresight than moving large beds or dressers. You’ll have it made, however, as long as you have the right protective materials!

Organize Your Boxes with Labels and Colors

Do everything you can to make the eventual unpacking process as easy as possible. This means labeling each box clearly with black marker so that you know immediately which room it needs to go in at the new house or apartment. Some people also choose to use color-coded adhesives so that it is easier to see what’s inside the box. Bright blue tape, for example, could be used for all kitchen boxes. This means that when you unpack, your utensils, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, pans, and pizza stones will all be together. This makes organizing your new home easier and prevents you from procrastinating. The goal is to be as efficient as possible every step of the way.

Have One Last Shindig with Close Friends

Leaving your old neighborhood for a new opportunity somewhere else can leave most people feeling sentimental. Create some great last memories by holding a barbecue or a picnic a month or so before you leave. By inviting your close friends and family members over for one last get-together, you’ll be able to say goodbye with memories of great friendship. If you are already in the process of packing up some of your kitchen items, you might choose to have the event catered. A taco bar or a big table full of gourmet sandwiches usually goes over well.

Get Your Utilities Sorted Out

You’ll want to make sure that your utilities are paid up before you leave. This usually means electric, gas, water, and possibly other services like cable. The goal is to inform the provider of the exact date at which you want these services turned off. At the same time, you’ll be contacting the providers in your new town to make sure the utilities in the new house are ready to go when you arrive. You might keep a small spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of which bills are ending and which are about to begin so that there is no financial crossing of the wires. Having all this in place will also keep the stress away!

Find a Great Moving Company

Probably one of the most critical jobs will be finding a great moving company that offers reputable service for a reasonable price. The best companies will be flexible and can work with you on your out-of-state move. At Four Guys and a Truck, we are skilled at packing, loading, unloading, and wrapping fragile items, and we are dedicated to providing a successful move for all of our customers. Once you’ve finally completed the move and settled into your new home or apartment, you can begin getting back into your daily routine and enjoying life in your beautiful new surroundings.