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4 Things to Do Before You Leave Your Old Home

Moving can be a fun and challenging process at the same time. While it is rather exciting to be able to move to a new place and start afresh, there are several responsibilities that one needs to take care of before they leave. To help you out, we have made a list of some of the things that you must do before you say your final goodbye to your home. You should also probably keep a few packing boxes aside that you can use if you find anything that you have left behind.

1. Check Your Home

This is the first thing that one must do before they leave. We are assuming here that you have all your stuff packed and ready to go. Once the movers have already taken your stuff, you probably want to check around your house to make sure that you have taken all that you need.

One of place to check, is all the cabinets in your home. It is common for people to leave items behind when they are out of plain sight. Take the time to go through each cabinet in every room of the house to ensure that there are no forgotten items being left behind.

The next space that you need to check is all the smaller rooms within your home. Places like the bathrooms, storage rooms, attics and the garage often have items that you might have missed while focusing on the main living spaces. Don’t forget to talk a walk around the exterior of the house and shed if you have one to ensure no toys, or garden tools remain.

2. Check for Damage

Sometimes, moving around your furniture or any other kind of heavy object can cause scratches across hard wood floors, dents/marks on walls or appliances being left behind. Take the time to thoroughly check all rooms to ensure that no new damage appears. If you do find any small nicks or scratches, we would recommend taking a picture and sending to the realtor to ensure they are made aware and that nothing comes back to you from the new home owners.

3. Note Down Your Meter Readings

After you move out of your old home, you are going to receive one last bill for all the utilities within your home. This is generally your water bill, gas bill, electricity bill and any other kind of services that you might use. It is important to note down the reading just as you are about to leave to match up to the final bill once received.

4. Make Sure You Have Your Necessities on You

While moving out, you will want to keep aside items that you will need along the way. Packing up a ‘move day’ bag is the best way to ensure that you have everything that you need during your ride to your new home. Make sure that your bag is big enough to fit all your essentials because carrying two bags around can be a bit of a hassle.

The essentials that you will need to pack in the bag are your phone, your keys, your wallet, a change of clothes, some food, essential medicines, etc. Before the day of your move, be sure to hit the ATM and withdraw some money to keep on you for anything that you would need. Best way to ensure you pack everything you need is to make a list of all items you would use during the time you will be on the road for and ensure to pack them all.

Additional Tip: Always Choose the Right Movers

Moving when well organized and while you have everything in order is always better than moving chaotically. Having everything already done and ready can be a big relief, especially if your journey to your new home is long. Picking the right company to help you with the move is also something that goes a long way into making the entire process more manageable.

A good moving company generally schedules the entire plan beforehand to ensure that everything is in order on moving day. Moreover, they also try to provide that the client needs to do as little work as possible and leave it all to them. Finding a good mover is relatively easy, and all it takes is a simple search to find the rights ones. Always check the reviews of a company to make sure that you get the very best for your home.