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Should I remove clothes from dressers before my move?

Yes, Four Guys And A Truck™ moving company suggests putting your clothes in trash bags or boxes to protect them in case of inclement weather before your move. We also have the proper packing supplies that you need to protect all of your household belongings or business goods.

Is any job to big or too small?

No, Four Guys And A Truck™ moving company will make it happen! We offer short distance moving, long distance moving, packing services and loading and unloading services. Our team will ensure that no matter how big or small your move is, we will transfer all of your belongings safely.

Do we need the stabilizing bars for front loading washing machines?

Yes, you can get the stabilizing bars at an appliance store or order them online for your model. Four Guys And A Truck™ movers recommends these for safe transportation and to prevent damage.

Should I label all of my boxes before my move?

Yes, you should write what’s inside and where it’s going. Better yet, you can use colored post-it’s to color-code where your boxes and furniture are going in the house. Put the corresponding colored post-its on the doors of the rooms at the unload site.

Will the drivers call when they are on their way?

Yes, Four Guys And A Truck™ movers will give you a call when the truck is leaving the yard in the morning.

Do we need to disassemble large furniture or beds ahead of time?

You can as a time-saver, but Four Guys And A Truck™ moving company can certainly do that for you the day of the move.

I have a lot of extra stuff that I do not want to move. What should I do?

If you have extra stuff that you do not want to move, you could organize a garage sale or online sale to get rid of things. It is also recommended to only buy the food you will need up until the day you move. Toss or recycle anything that cannot be donated.

What packing options do you offer?

We want to make sure your valuables make it safe to your new location. We offer supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packaging paper, and mattress covers.

How do I change my address?

The United States Postal Service website will supply you with a Change of Address form. It is also important to change your address with your insurance companies, credit card companies, and banks to name a few.

Is there anything that I am not allowed to bring on my move?

There are a few things that Four Guys And A Truck™ are not allowed to move in our vehicles. These consist of the following:

• Aerosol Cans
• Ammonia
• Ammunition
• Car Batteries
• Charcoal/lighter fluid
• Cleaning solvents
• Fertilizer
• Paints/Varnishes
• Pool chemicals
• Pesticides
• Matches
• Kerosene
• Propane tanks

What should I keep with me on moving day?

You should keep with you anything that you will need until your belongings are unpacked. Common items include clothing, electronics chargers, toiletry items, paper towels and toilet paper, and anything else your family will need.

How do I prepare my appliances for moving?

Appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators must be disconnected ahead of time, and we recommend a stabilizing bar for your washing machine to prevent damage.

How long in advance should I book movers?

The earlier you can schedule your move the better, but we can typically work with you on last-minute moves.

I can handle the moving part – Do you offer just packing or unpacking services?

Yes! We offer labor services to assist you with just the loading or unloading portion of your move. Read more here.

Why should I hire a professional mover?

Moving can be an emotionally and physically draining process and hiring a professional mover provides you with exceptional value and support on an otherwise stressful day. Professional movers will handle delicate, heavy, or bulky items with care and specific moving skills. We treat every move with personal care, like you would receive from friends and family.

How much will my move cost?

We base an estimate on various factors, including the drive time for each leg of the move (from our truck yard to your original home, then to your destination, and then back to our truck yard), taking an inventory of your belongings, and the timeframe for the delivery. Our team is very experienced, and we pride ourselves on providing very accurate estimates.

What other costs should I consider?

Moving services represent the majority of your moving expense, but you should also budget for packing supplies (boxes, tape, etc.) and moving insurance as needed.

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

We recommend scheduling your move as far in advance as possible. The farther out you can plan your move, the greater availability you will have in choosing a date and time thats convenient for you. We do realize that advanced planning is not always possible and will do our best to accommodate last-minute moves as well.

What happens if there’s inclement weather on moving day?

Our professional movers and moving trucks are equipped to move during rain, sleet, or snow under 2-3”. Over 3” of snow, we will work with you on rescheduling before or after your date to accommodate. We have supplies to keep your belongings safe from the elements. However, we do recommend you shovel, rake, or clear the access ways in preparation for their arrival to keep things on track.

Do I have to be there during the move?

We do require that you or a representative be present at all times during the move so you can make sure weve moved everything you need.

How is the cost of my move calculated?

We calculate most moves by the hour, by the guy plus a flat truck fee. We also calculate small moves on an as determined basis.

What payment methods do you accept? When is payment due?

We require a 10% deposit to book your date. We can get that deposit over the phone by debit or credit card. The remaining balance will be due at completion of job. Payment methods can be cash, debit, or credit card. Most out of state moves do require an additional deposit schedule that will be explained before booking and final payment due on completion of job.

Do you take inventory of my items or should I?

For up to a 2-bedroom home we work together over the phone to get an exact list going room by room determining your inventory, that way we both understand the inventory involved in the move. For a 3-bedroom home or commercial move we provide a FREE In-Home/Office estimate. 

Am I protected against damage while my goods are in transit?

We provide a damage coverage policy that is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We go over coverage on every estimate we send out in writing.

How will I know when my shipment is going to be delivered?

A mutual date and time are confirmed on every move. Arrival time is always known in advance. We generally arrive within a ½ hr. of scheduled ETA. You will receive a call from your crew leader when they are a 1/2hr away.

Will you move my things to somewhere outside of Massachusetts?

We will move your things to most of New England and Parts of NY and NJ.

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