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How to Plan for a Last Minute Move

Moving is a stressful event, but when you must do it at the last minute, it can make you feel extremely anxious. Fortunately, there are affordable movers who can offer you great advice for finding supplies and protecting fragile items. As a woman owned company, we also understand the challenges of moving to a new location as fast as possible when you are a mother with young children. When your boss transfers you to a different job or if you are accepted to graduate school at the last minute, you can count on our local moving company. Here are some tips to make the moving process faster and easier.

Tip 1: Throw Away Unneeded Items

One of the best things about moving is that it gives you a chance to get rid of clutter. Begin by having trash bags for the items that you want to throw away along with cardboard boxes for the things that you want to donate to others. You can donate books to charity shops, public libraries or schools. A shelter for the homeless will accept bags of clothing and clean bathroom or bedroom linens.

Tip 2: Understand Measurements for a New Apartment or Home

Furniture movers know that many customers who are moving don’t consider the size of a new home or apartment, and this can lead to problems. If you are moving into a smaller place, then your current furniture may not fit into a room. When you know that you have too much furniture or that a couch is too big for a living room, you should sell or donate the items to avoid a hassle on your moving day.

Tip 3: Have Enough Packing Supplies

It is better to have too many boxes and labels on moving day when you are in a hurry. Organize your possessions by type to make the packing process easier, but do not pack numerous heavy items in one flimsy cardboard box. A local moving company may have specialized packing items such as portable closets for clothing or boxes with dividers for wineglasses. Long distance movers suggest using foam packing pellets or soft cushioning paper to protect fragile items from breakage while the moving van is traveling on rough roads.

Tip 4: Label Boxes Right Away

Make sure to attach several labels to each cardboard box or plastic tote to keep track of what is in each container. List what is in each container carefully to make unloading the boxes an easier process. Do not pack vital documents such as social security cards, birth certificates or passports that you may need while moving. For home office relocation, keep track of your cords and wires. Make sure to have another box that will hold essential items for your first day in a new home, including soap and a shower curtain. If you live in our geographic region in Massachusetts, including Ludlow, Greenfield or nearby cities, then contact our affordable movers today for additional information such as moving quotes.